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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

10 Best Products for your Emergency Make-up Kit

I like to operate in order of urgency and what could be more urgent than your emergency make up kit/ back up?!?!

Nothing that’s what!!

So, what would this emergency make up kit consist of you might ask? Well, depending on the girl it might be something like;

·         Gel liner (my pick, Bobbi Brown long wear gel liner)

·         Powder compact (my pick, Urban Decay de-slick mattifying powder)

·         Mascara (my pick, Smashbox full exposure mascara)

·         Lip color/ gloss (my pick, Urban Decay lip envy)

·         Blotting papers (my pick, Sephora collection papers)

·         Brow gel (my pick, Make Up Forever Brow Seal transparent)

·         Eye shadow blending brush (my pick, Urban Decay Good Karma Optical blending brush)

·         Concealer (my pick, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit)

·         Neutral blush that can double as eye shadow (my pick, Two Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush)

·         Highlighter (my pick, Urban Decay Urban Glow Cream Highlight)

List you’re emergency make-up kit must haves in the comment section below!

<3 LG


  1. The blush that can double as an eye shadow sounds dope to me! I will try the one you suggested. One of my emergency products is a small pot of good old Vaseline. I use it for lips and a bit around my eyes when the are dry and tired looking for shine and moisture.

    1. Glad you liked it! If you use and love Vaseline you should give "un-petroleum jelly" a go! <3 LG