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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

10 On the Fly Tips You Didn't Know

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the go. These tips are to help the everyday women maintain her polished and primp appearance with items on hand or that are easily accessible!

·         Dip an angled brush in your mascara to use as eyeliner (but hurry it dries quickly).

·         Use a colored lipstick or gloss to add color to your cheeks and eye lids (blending is key).

·         Try a flesh toned shimmery eye shadow in place of highlight and vice-versa.

·          Use a moisturizer in place of hair product to combat dry ends (a little goes a long way).

·          Part your hair using the handle of a slim make-up brush (pens and pencils work too!).

·         Apply a high shine black nail varnish to conceal imperfections on black patent leather.

·         Dab a light moisturizer on dehydrated lips.

·         In place of facial blotting papers use a tissue to absorb excess oil on the face.

·         Use a lip balm on dry or cracked cuticles in place of cuticle oil (moisturizer works great too).

·         As a dry shampoo try applying any hand sanitizer with an alcohol base sparingly to the root area.

If there are any quick tips that have saved your day please comment in the section below!
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  1. Sure! When I am out of hand cream sometimes I use olive oil as a quick and natural moisturizer for my hands and cuticles. ;o)

  2. I occasionally find a gray hair. Rather than pull it out, I use mascara and colour it. Works best with dark hair, I guess :)