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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

13 Quick Fixes using ONLY Kitchen Supplies

Waitress/ server on the job quick fix tips using ONLY kitchen supplies:

·         Use corn starch to combat any glistening (ladies don’t sweat, we glisten).

·         Olive oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer for skin & hair (also a great make-up remover).

·         A swish of diluted vanilla to mask bad breath (also used for tooth aches).

·         Use lemon juice as a nail whitener (that means you smokers!).

·         Apply ice to reduce redness and inflammation on breakouts.

·         Use vodka as toner on dull skin to brighten, rinse if desired.

·         Apply tea bags to reduce dark circles under eyes.

·         Use cold cucumber or potato to combat puffy tired eyes.

·         Try cocoa powder or cinnamon as bronzer.

·         Dab on some apple cider vinegar to sooth itchy mosquito bites.

·         Use cornstarch with a quarter amount of baking soda for dry shampoo (add cocoa for dark hair).

·         Apply pomegranate juice to your lips as a tint/ stain (only need one seed).

·         Use apple cider vinegar or lemon to cleanse away foot odor.

If you have any tips for servers or people who work within the food industry using only kitchen products please list them in the comment section below!
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  1. My favorite is cucumber when the weather is hot and humid. I rub a slice or two all over my face... seriously! It cools me down and helps my skin look hydrated and fresh. Cheers LG!

    1. That sounds quite refreshing! Try throwing a slice in the freezer first for a cooling effect! <3 LG