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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Max Factor Lashinfinity 3 Day Mascara

Yes, you read correctly. 3 day mascara, before you start making prejudgment's about weather its sanitary or comfortable hear me out.

Max Factor is and has been one of the leading innovative make up brands in the world, daughter company of Procter & Gamble.
Fact; Max Factor invented the term "Make up" they also invented lip gloss.

From my research the Lashinfinity 3 day mascara is more of a tint than a mascara.
The double ended tube features the tint and a remover on the corresponding end.

The idea is a smudge proof, water proof and basically life proof product that can only be dislodged with the remover provided. This flake resistant, no wax tint style mascara is said to gently bond to lashes creating definition and darkening for a flexible patent like finish.

The Max Factor Lashinfinity 3 day mascara will be available in the top 100 boots stores on Wednesday, 5th of June. Unfortunately, Max Factor products are unavailable in Canadian and American stores as of 2010. Thankfully we can still order online.

The official opening of the waiting list for Lashfinity 3 day mascara went live on on Monday 13th of May 2013. Those who want to join the waiting list will recieve a $3 off via email code, redeemable at

I look forward to reviewing this product!!! Until then...

<3 LG

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