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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


To begin I'd like to introduce myself, I am LG (Lisa Gn) & I am cosmetic CRAZY!
I've worked within the beauty industry for years. I began working at various make-up counters which then turned into beauty supply stores which graduated into freelance make up artistry.
My passion for cosmetics began at a young age.
Inspired by my Nana (Grandmother) who is among the socialite community. In between all her comings and goings to events, galas, charity dinners and luncheons she developed an intense connection with beauty products and services.
At the ripe age of 4 she would allow me to pick and choose from her make up collection, any and every product I wanted to dawn her porcelain face with. (What a brave woman!)
No matter the result she would encourage me by telling me what a wonderful job I had done. From my recollection I was never horrible, which could very well be due to all the encouragement! (Well done Nana!!) Nevertheless I only progressed from there.
Make-up and the use of it was never frowned upon within my family. While I don't fully agree with the use of make-up or altering cosmetics at a juvenile age it can be done tastefully with the right intentions.
All that said, I've had more than enough time to experiment with various techniques, services and products.
I have created this Blog to share my views & wisdom with you.
I hope you find these well kept secrets, tips and tricks useful. I know I have!!
<3 LG

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